FEATURE FILM: Drama / Comedy / Magical Realism

LOGLINE: An unassuming store owner with a dark past discovers a chest with a diary and art from a 1900’s circus that leads him on a path of self discovery and an unlikely spiritual bond with an autistic boy.


The Circus Faces story began as a concept from the late Glenn Goss, a singer/songwriter who worked with internationally known artists, including Philadelphia’s pride of Live Aid, The Hooters, (co-writing their Gold record, Hanging on a Heartbeat), Steven Bauer, (Underground Junction), Billy Idol (Bitter Pill), and many more. Glenn brought the idea to screenwiter Kathryn Mackie and the Circus Faces screenplay was born.


Goss wrote a number of songs and created paintings to be included in this very special project. In addition to a feature film, our team already has plans for an Extended Movie Soundtrack to give a voice to Glenn’s many musical collaborators in this production.


Dance Studio owner JERRY BUCKMAN and his wife DELORES have settled into an innocuous life and disgruntled marriage, complete with separate vacations. As the 4th of July holiday approaches Jerry’s life is turned upside down by a flea market find of an antique chest and an encounter with a homeless autistic young man, SHANNON.

Jerry has successfully shuttled Delores to the Carbondale, Illinois train station for a two week spa holiday. Delores complains about having to take the train, and Jerry rebuffs in a hushed, angry tone. Jerry seems relieved as the train pulls away, but he is stuck with MUFFY, a ridiculous looking Bichon Frise’, that Delores dotes over. Jerry speeds home to investigate the contents of the antique chest he has just acquired from a kid at the flea market. He browses through news clippings, art, sheet music, and the diary of YITZY, a 1908 circus performer and musician.

The next morning Jerry heads into town in his vintage white 1996 Cadillac Deville to buy the cigars Delores loathes. A fire truck screams past and Jerry arrives downtown to a chaotic scene of a young man perched on top of a light pole. Jerry encounters GRACE in the crowd. Grace is visibly shaken as Police arrest the young man. Jerry offers Grace a ride so she can inquire about the man who she believes is autistic. Later Grace and Jerry go to the hospital where they’ve taken him. They try to visit the young man, whose only identity is a label of SHANNON on his clothing, but he is resting.

Jerry returns home and after more reading of Yitzy’s diary we flashback to the circus and learn about Yitzy’s circus friends, including WILLIE, a mute artist. A raucous bonfire with the circus performers morphs into a dream sequence. Jerry awakens to a ghostly voice with a mysterious message, “So now you know who Shannon is. It is all in the diary.”

Jerry is set off on an adventure as his unexpected spiritual bond with Shannon collides with the mysterious diary leading him down a path of personal exploration to a rousing, unexpected, conclusion.

Written By: Glen Goss & Kathryn Mackie & William Mackie