Circus Faces Writer Kathryn Mackie

Bill Mackie, Glenn Goss, and Kathryn Mackie - Circus Faces

Kathryn Mackie reflects on collaboratiing with her friend Glenn Goss

I have known the Goss’ clan for many years with a deepening friendship with Glenn that dates back over 20 years. Glenn was always a creative musical force, and well known for his withering attention to detail and the high bar he set for himself and others in his masterful music.

Glenn Goss is best known for his single for the Philadelphia based band The Hooters, with the catchy “Hangin’ On a Heartbeat.” Glenn was so proud of that record. He displayed a Gold Record he received for “Heartbeat” to me on a number of occasions, brimming with joy.

So one fateful night over dinner, when Glenn asked me if I could turn an orphaned project of his, that he initially toyed with as a novel, into a screenplay, I was shocked by his words… “Just take it and do whatever you want with it, if you’re up for it.” Later, I received some notes and pages from Glenn. I loved the overall concept, but had no idea where Glenn intended to take the fragments of a great story that ended abruptly. I asked him, “What happens next?” Again, I was shocked when he told me, “I have no idea, where do you want it to go?” This was a rather “un-Glenn” like attitude, but I am forever grateful to him for the faith and confidence he placed in me. In my writing career it still stands out as a pinnacle moment, that such a gifted and exacting artist would allow me the opportunity to create so freely.

The end result, after months of wonderful discussions, and the occasional note from Glenn, was a screenplay that touches me every time I read it.

The resulting story has a piece of Glenn’s heart in it that I will forever cherish.

After Glenn’s unfortunate passing, as we all had time to absorb the loss, the passion for telling this story has grown once again. I am deeply honored to collaborate with Steven Bauer, as a producer and lead, JERRY, a charcter Glenn always intended for his dearest friend Steven.

I look forward to bringing this work to the screen, as a lasting legacy to our friend, and a work I feel confident will bring joy to many.

BIO: Kathryn Mackie is a screenwriter who has been honored to work with legendary Hollywood producer, Donna Smith, actor Steven Bauer, and Tony Papa.

Kathryn grew up in the American south where she developed a keen ear for out-sized stories, unlikely heroes, and humorous ironic twists. As Kathryn began to explore these creative impulses as an adult, a series of stories she created came to the attention of Tony Papa, Grammy award winning engineer for “Weird Al” Yankovic and numerous film and TV properties (The Transformers: The Movie, Baywatch). Kathryn partnered with Papa and the resulting project, an animated TV Series and hybrid feature, The Droopyloops, is in development with producer Donna Smith (Raging Bull, The Terminator, Schindler’s List). Kathryn has a number of produced projects, including the award winning short, The Ruby Runs Red (Philadelphia Film and Animation Festival), and sci-fi feature, The 7 (Reading Film Festival, Women’s Film Festival). Kathryn’s screenplay, Circus Faces, is in development with Steven Bauer attached to star and produce. 

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